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All Segment  1500 3000/- 18,000/- 36,000/-

Trade Square Bank Detail

ac Name : Trade square
Account number : – 10023786912
IFSC Code – IDFB0040301
Branch C.G. Road Ahmedabad

If You like Robo demo it cost will be deducted in your subscription package

Introduction Robo Trading Software

Robo Trading Software is the only Algo Trading software for Multiple Trading Terminals

Robo Trading Software is a ground breaking Automated Trading software using which you can trade in any exchange thru any broker terminal based on any technical analysis or charting software, without being in front of the computer. Yes, Robo Trading Software will trade for you. You can concentrate on your profession or business without worrying about your positions & trades because Robo Trading Software will handle it.

If you are a technical analyst using some popular charting software like Amibroker, AGet, MetaStock, Ninja trader & etc then all you have to concentrate on is your strategy not the trading part. Robo Trade take care of that business while you can spare your time on developing a better Trading System.

How it works?

Robo Trading Software

Robo Trade  will get all the required Order information’s from any Charting Platforms or through other sources aspriceBox.

For Example

Suppose you are using Amibroker for making your trading decisions, you normally have to watch Amibroker’s screen. If any BUY/SELL arrows are displayed then you will be placing the same order on your trading terminal like ODIN Diet, Trade Tiger, NOW, NEST, etc.

If you have Robo Trading Software then it will execute the orders in a fraction of a second and you need not be in front of your computer. Robo Trade will also send an SMS confirming the executed trades to your mobile number.

Using Robo Trade  has many advantages that far beyond the feasibility of ordinary human traders. It can trade multiple stocks & other instruments all at once. It is impossible for anybody to match trading speedRoboTrade, as it can execute orders within fraction of a second. It can trade multiple exchanges for arbitrage purposes. The list goes on, if you can utilize the features of RoboTrade then it can become your — The Ultimate Money Making Software.

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